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How to Avoid Probation Revocation in Atlanta: Understanding and Preventing Premature Termination

Dec 11

Are you a local Atlanta, GA business owner who has been notified that your probation with the city of Atlanta will be revoked? If so, don't panic! There are many reasons why businesses' probation may get terminated early, but there are also ways to prevent this from happening! This post will provide information on avoiding probation revocation in Atlanta and what you can do if it happens.


Understand the most common reasons for probation revocation.

Understanding the most common reasons for probation revocation Atlanta is highly beneficial for those on probation or are at risk of being put on probation. Some of these reasons include:

    • A new conviction on a drug charge.
    • Failure to attend supervised sessions.
    • Failure to attend an alcohol class, even though this requirement was previously completed.
    • Violation of curfew.
    • Violation of community service requirements.
    • Test positive for drugs or alcohol use without approval from the Probation Officer or Court Commissioner.


Know your rights and responsibilities as a defendant on probation.

A defendant on probation in Atlanta, Georgia, must know their rights and responsibilities - they are constantly being monitored by the court system for compliance with all conditions of their sentence. Suppose you have been placed on probation or have recently had your parole revoked. In that case, it will be critical to understanding the revoke probation Atlanta and what type of behavior may result in an order that could terminate early your ability to remain free under supervision (aka "early termination").


Be aware of what you can do to avoid probation revocation in Atlanta.

Avoiding a revocation hearing Atlanta, Georgia, is easier than it may seem. Once you are on probation or parole, your case officer will review how well you have followed the terms of your sentence with regular home visits and phone calls. These officers monitor many things, including whether or not you are employed (or currently seeking employment), if any new crimes were committed by yourself or other household members, drug usage inside the residence where someone resides that has been ordered to take mandatory drug tests as part of their sentencing requirements for probation-related charges, among others. Contact our Atlanta criminal defense lawyer for more information.


Consider alternatives to incarceration when possible.

Every probationer should make a plan for what they will do if their case is revoked. This planning can take place before the probation revocation hearing and be presented at the court proceeding to present alternatives that might allow your client to avoid incarceration while still ensuring public safety. The best option would empower someone other than yourself to speak on behalf of your client during this process, such as an attorney or professional counselor; however, it is not always possible (and may add expense), so having thought about these issues ahead of time could help you strategize more effectively when facing revocation proceedings. Contact our criminal defense attorney Atlanta now.


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