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Get Your Record Expunged in Phoenix, AZ - Find a Lawyer

Dec 17

Do you have a criminal record in Phoenix, AZ? If so, expungement may be the solution for you. Just think of all the new doors that will open up when employers don't know about your past! Expunging your criminal records in Phoenix, AZ can help with future employment and travel opportunities.

How can I get my record expunged in Phoenix, AZ?

The expungement process begins once you have filed the appropriate paperwork for expunging your record. You will need to identify which court has jurisdiction over your case, and that is where you should file your expungement petition. Some courts even offer their assistance in helping you navigate this process if they can assist you. If it's not too complicated, expungements can be completed relatively quickly depending on how much time each step takes - usually within a few months. Contact our Expungement Lawyer Phoenix for more information.

What are the benefits of having your record expunged?

There are many benefits to having your record expunged in Phoenix, AZ. A few of the most important benefits include the following: you can legally deny that the incident ever occurred. It may be easier to find a job or housing. The expungement will also seal all court records relating to the arrest or conviction. Aside from that, expungement might be the only way to clear your record when you can't get relief through an Arizona pardon or certificate of eligibility. An expungement lawyer helps keep people with a criminal history from being barred from employment, housing, and other opportunities for advancement by removing past violations from their records. These expunged offenses do not have to be disclosed on job applications or rental agreements, so removing this information could help secure better living conditions and higher incomes. Expunging arrests does not mean they did not happen, but it means that entities such as employers will no longer see them because court files relating to those incidents are sealed away forever.

Who qualifies for an expungement in Phoenix, AZ?

Not everyone qualifies for an expungement in Phoenix. You must have been arrested but not convicted of the crime to be eligible. You must also meet other requirements as set forth by Arizona law. Contact a qualified expungement criminal defense attorney Phoenix to determine if you are eligible. They can help guide you through the process and ensure all your paperwork is filed correctly. An expunged record can give you a fresh start and improve your prospects. Don't hesitate to reach our criminal lawyer Phoenix or DUI lawyer Phoenix for help today!

What is the process to have your record expunged?

The expungement process is not complicated if you have an expungement attorney helping you along the way. They will file all necessary paperwork with the courts, so there's no risk of missing anything or having incomplete applications sent back by the judge for revision before approval. When everything has been approved and filed correctly, they will appear at a designated date with their client(s) for an expungement hearing where everyone involved attends together (the defendant/applicant, expungement lawyer, prosecutor on the case if it was open/pending, and the arresting officer - or their representative). The judge will ask a few questions to everyone present before making a decision. If granted, the record is then "sealed" and remains unavailable through any government agency (unless you're applying for specific positions that require criminal background checks). Contact our criminal defense attorney in Phoenix today!

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