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New Storage Sheds Are a Fantastic Way to Get Ready for the Summer!

Jun 22

It's time to trade the snow blower and shovels for the mower and weed eater as the weather warms and the sun shines brighter. You can store everything in the corner of the garage or, even worse, leave it outside (which you should not do).


What if you had a dedicated storage space to keep your expensive lawn care equipment safe from the elements and in good working order? A new outdoor storage shed is essential and will undoubtedly be an excellent investment if you have a backyard of any size.


How a New Storage Shed Can Assist You in Summer Preparation!


Storage sheds have only been used to store extra gardening equipment or holiday decorations, but they can be pretty helpful during the summertime. Here are the ways a storage shed can come in handy as you prepare for the warmer months:


Organizing Your Outdoor Space

If your backyard is anything like ours, it probably contains an assortment of lawn care items, sports equipment, and gardening tools. A storage shed can help you organize your outdoor space by providing a place to store all of these items. You can also use shelves or bins to manage your shed further and keep things tidy.


Storing Seasonal Items

Speaking of holiday decorations, a storage shed is a perfect place to store seasonal items you don't need daily. This frees up space in your home and prevents you from tripping over holiday decorations every time you walk into the garage.


Protecting Your belongings from the Elements

If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, a storage shed can help protect your belongings from the weather. Say, If you have a lot of grass to mow, you'll need a good-sized mower, and with such a significant investment, you can't afford to leave it outside all summer, exposed to the scorching sun and pounding rain. Your new storage shed will fix the problem without clogging up your garage with unnecessary items.


Extra Storage Space Is Definitely Needed

The extra storage space a new storage shed gives is one of the most beneficial aspects of having one installed in your backyard. As summer approaches and you begin to clean up other areas of your home and property, there are always items that you want to preserve but don't know where to store until you need them again, such as Christmas lights and decorations, your children's toys, sleds, and so on.


Organization Of All Your Things

Another significant advantage of having your backyard shed is that you can locate the items you require when you require them. For example, we all know that possessing a tool is useless unless you can identify it when needed. When purchasing new storage shed, it's a good idea to consider what inside features you'd like to include. For example, do you require a workbench to arrange your supplies and provide a workspace? Perhaps a pegboard wall could be added to house your yard and garden tools.


In the Summer Heat, Here's How to Keep Your New Storage Shed Cool


The lack of climate control, especially in the summer, is one of the drawbacks of storage sheds. However, fortunately for us, there are a few simple things you may take to deal with the excessive heat.



Increased ventilation in your shed will enhance airflow and, as a result, reduce the temperature. Natural ventilation will be provided via the incorporated gable vent. If you require more incredible ventilation, though, you have numerous options. If your shed is wired for power, installing an electric exhaust fan on the gable end wall will considerably increase ventilation. If you don't have access to electricity, merely opening the garage door a crack or propping up your front door is a simple and practical solution to increase airflow.



Insulating your shed is another simple and practical technique to improve its ability to endure the summer heat. While insulation does not guarantee a cool shed, it does make a significant difference. And the better the insulation, the better the outcomes. Insulation is available at any hardware shop or local box store. Increase the insulating factor by adding more weatherstripping around the doors and windows.


At Better Built USA, we provide a variety of storage shed models to choose from. We also offer customization options to get the perfect shed for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our storage sheds and how we can help you organize your outdoor space.