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UEFA Club ranking 2023: England Dominates

Jan 28

UEFA Club ranking 2023: The Premier League dominates, Real Madrid and Barcelona are out of top 5!


A few days before the end of the year, UEFA released the last classification of 2022 where the dominance of the English clubs is surprising, although it also stands out that neither Real Madrid, current champion of the Champions League, nor Barcelona are within the top 5.

UEFA club ranking It should be remembered that UEFA is made up of 55 associations and that the classification is based on the coefficient of federations and clubs; the latter is made up of the results of the last 5 campaigns (including the current one) in the different international competitions in Europe: Champions League, Europa League and Conference League.

Three of the first four teams belong to the Premier League, although Manchester City has not won the "Orejona" it has remained within the first places of the competition; while Liverpool and Chelsea garnered glory in 2018-19 and 2020-21, respectively.

Despite having been champion of the last edition, the merengue team appears up to sixth position and Barça, due to the bad results of the last tournament and despite the renewal they made to the squad, is in seventh place.

Top 10 Football Clubs by UEFA:

  1. Manchester City | England | 131,000
  2. Bayern Munich points | Germany | 130,000
  3. Liverpool | England | 123,000
  4. Chelsea | England | 123,000
  5. PSG | France | 112,000
  6. Real Madrid | Spain | 110,000
  7. Barcelona | Spain | 98,000
  8. Manchester United | England | 97,000
  9. Juventus | Italy | 90,000
  10. Ajax | Netherlands | 89,000

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