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What Does A Law Service Do

Dec 7

Contracts lawyer based in Toronto advise individuals and businesses on their legal rights and responsibilities, as well as represent them in legal proceedings. While lawyers make up the largest share of this industry, paralegals and legal assistants are also key members of a firm's staff. Some firms offer a broad spectrum of legal services, while others may focus on specific practice areas such as business law or criminal defense.

Attorneys and their staff help clients with legal issues relating to business, real estate, property ownership, employment, family matters, criminal charges and other areas of law. Legal services providers may operate offices or work from home. They can provide written documents and advice for a fee or charge a flat rate to take on a case. They often require a client to pay an upfront deposit, known as a retainer, before they begin working on a case. They then bill the client according to a schedule set by the lawyer.

Toronto is a major hub for the legal services industry. Firms such as Substance law are renowned for their corporate law practices, representing large corporations in high-stakes mergers and acquisitions, securities offerings and complex business transactions.

Contracts lawyer based in Toronto focus on a highly specialized area of law and deliver personalized client service. For example, a firm that specializes in real estate law will help clients with commercial and residential property purchase, sale and lease agreements. A firm that focuses on immigration laws will assist individuals and families with visas, citizenship applications, naturalization proceedings and other legal matters.

Medium-size law firms offer a combination of personalized client service and the resources of larger firms. Many law students choose to work at these types of firms after graduating. They usually have the option to pursue a litigation or transactional department, with the former taking on court cases that are likely to go to trial and the latter overseeing contract signings and other out-of-court administrative hearings.

Some large law firms have a department that pursues both litigation and transactional matters, with the litigation department handling necessary court filings, discovery and investigations prior to a trial while the transactional department handles out-of-court activities such as negotiations, contracts, and legal applications. Attorneys who prefer a mix of research, writing and case-building may be attracted to these types of firms.

Attorneys in recovery can find support and community by joining the Toronto Lawyers in Recovery. Both groups offer meetings in person or over Zoom to connect lawyers, judges and law students struggling with mental health issues including anxiety, addiction, depression, gambling disorders, grief and other concerns. In addition, the Toronto Lawyers have a listserve where members can discuss topics related to their struggles and seek out advice from peers. For more information, visit the group's website.