5 steps after a motorcycle accident

If your phone is not destroyed, it can be used to take photos of the crash site, including your motorcycle, other vehicles, skid marks, road conditions and anomalies, as well as street signs and the immediate area.

Alongside pedestrians and cyclists, motorcyclists are among the most vulnerable road users.

Due to the fact that there is no external protection that could protect them at least to some extent, motorcyclists are 27 times more likely to die in a traffic accident than car passengers.

No matter how careful you are, motorists do not always notice motorcycles and cannot accurately determine their speed, which leads to wrecks.

This is why it is important to be prepared and know what steps to take if you are involved in a motorcycle accident.

1. See a doctor immediately

The first thing to do after a motorcycle accident is to see a doctor.

If you are able to do so, check everyone involved in the crash and go to a safe area. However, if you have been seriously injured, wait for an ambulance on site as any attempted movement can only make the injury worse.

Even if you are feeling fine and there are no visible injuries, you should not refuse medical care, as certain serious injuries can take 24 hours or even more to manifest.

2. Contact the police and file a report

Since a motorcycle that is not injured or damaged is rare, call the nearest police department and file a report after making sure you and everyone else are safe.

This way you will make sure the authorities get your testimonial and hear your side of the story.

More importantly, the police also ask the other drivers to make their declaration to collect the information from all those involved in the accident and witnesses.

This report provides you with the insurance information from the culpable drivers and vehicle owners whose negligence caused the accident and enables you to file a claim for damages.

3. Speak to a personal injury attorney

Gavel and rolled document marked “Personal Injury” on a maroon book marked “Law”. Image by Claimaccident via Pixabay.com.

If you have had a motorcycle accident in Arizona, it is highly recommended that you contact a personal injury attorney before calling your insurance company.

One of the biggest mistakes is discussing the accident and getting a statement from an auto insurance claims expert or an attorney for your insurance company. Your job is to protect the interests of the insurance company by minimizing your injury or damage. This is why you need your own personal injury attorney to make sure you get the right compensation.

Victims often have a hard time getting their lives back on track after a motorcycle accident, as treatment can be expensive and lengthy. Without your own attorney, it’s easy to succumb to the insurance company’s attempts to ruin your case and get you to accept unfavorable compensation.

Also limit contact with other parties involved in the accident, as even saying that you are sorry can be interpreted as an admission of guilt and used against you.

Finally, there are different sources of insurance possible, which means you may be eligible for coverage under different policies. In addition to liability insurance, for example, the driver who met you may have an additional insurance policy or drive a company vehicle, which opens up additional sources of insurance for you.

A skilled personal injury attorney will help you with this and make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

4. Document the crash details

In order to ensure that you and others involved in the accident are safe, it is important to record details of your accident.

If your phone is not destroyed, it can be used to take photos of the crash site, including your motorcycle, other vehicles, skid marks, road conditions and anomalies, as well as street signs and the immediate area.

Don’t forget to document your injuries as these photos, while not pleasant to look at, can serve as evidence during the application process.

Do not let go of your bike and make sure that it stays in exactly the same condition as it was after the accident. It is important evidence and can be used to reconstruct the accident and uncover the culprit.

5. Keep an accident journal

Immediately after your accident, keep a post-accident diary to protect your claim.

Write down everything you remember about the accident, keep track of the doctor’s appointments, and document pain levels daily on a scale of 1 to 10.

Even an insignificant detail could later prove to be critical to your injury claim.

If you keep calm after a motorcycle accident and follow these five steps, you will receive the right compensation and get back to your normal life as soon as possible.

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