5 year old family killed in Sun Dial restaurant with Marriott

Five-year-old Charlie Holt’s family reached a mutual agreement with Marriott earlier this week.

The family of a five-year-old boy who died in an accident at the Sun Dial restaurant in Atlanta on Westin Peachtree Plaza in 2017 has reached a settlement with brand owner Marriott International.

WSB-TV 2 tells how Holt, 5, died after being trapped between a wall and a table on the restaurant’s rotating floor. By the time the staff managed to free Charlie, he had already suffered catastrophic brain injuries and died in Grady Memorial Hospital.

Holt’s family was visiting Atlanta from North Carolina at the time of the accident.

In their lawsuit, the Holt family alleged that the sundial’s rotating base posed a “long-term safety hazard” that allowed the boy to get trapped between a table and the wall.

“The sundial,” the lawsuit said, “had no protection to prevent children from approaching the entrapment point or to stop the rotation of the floor if a child was trapped in the entrapment point.”

The upper deck of the Sun Dial restaurant. Image via Flickr / User: Patty King. (CCA-BY-2.0). No changes made.

Charlie’s family sat near a window, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. After they had finished eating, they went to the exit of the restaurant.

“The family left the restaurant together after they paid their bill,” family attorney Joe Fried told the Journal Constitution in November 2017 that they went to and from the bathroom earlier. Charlie was only a few steps ahead. “

Their path was briefly blocked by a cabin on an interior wall. When Charlie tried to move around the cabin, he got stuck.

“When someone could stop the rotation manually, it was too late,” said Fried. “Charlie’s head had been pulled into the tight nip and he suffered catastrophic head trauma – right in front of his parents.”

Early media reports, according to WSB-TV 2, had indicated that Charlie’s parents had allowed the boy to wander away unsupervised.

But on Wednesday, both Marriott and the Holt family issued joint statements confirming that Charlie had not migrated from his family. Marriott and the Holts also said they had agreed to resolve the matter to avoid further litigation. The terms of the settlement were not published.

“When the accident occurred, Charlie’s parents, Sun Dial employees and bystanders did everything they could to save Charlie,” the joint statement said. “Unfortunately, Charlie suffered a serious brain injury and later died as a result of those injuries.

“The parties have agreed to resolve this matter and avoid further litigation. […] This statement has been approved by both the Holt family and Marriott International, Inc. “


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