Bill clears Louisiana Senate to promote sports betting

The main bill for sports betting in Louisiana passed the state senate on Wednesday.

Senate President Patrick Page CortezLA Sports Betting Bill Regulating Bill, SB 247, passed 31-6. It now goes to House.

“Once again, Louisiana is following the lead of the states around us.” Sen. Ronnie Johns said on the floor. “This vote today actually took place last fall when 65% of the people on this statistic said we want to do this. People talked about it. “

SB 142, an average bill for sports betting in Louisiana and a tax bill, HB 697are planned for the Senate Thursday.

Should the bills pass, changes appear to align sports betting in Louisiana NFL betting Season.

Sports betting bill push by the trio in Louisiana

The trio of bills is a package put together to help conduct sports betting in Louisiana. Voters in 55 of the state 64 Parishes approved the industry in November 2020.

“Our constituents took part in the vote last fall and voted for us to do what we are here for today, simply to put in place the rules and regulations necessary to make sports betting possible.” Senator Rick Ward said when presenting the invoice.

“I’ve looked through all of our senate districts, every single senate district voted for it.”

Cortez, Ward and Rep. John Stefanski are the main sponsors of the bills. Johns is also listed as a co-author on Senate bills.

Quick call to the Louisiana Senate

After a short committee meeting on 12th of May, SB 247 was called to the ground on Wednesday. The Senate accepted four amendments that largely changed the terminology.

With an amendment, the effective date has been changed to July 1, 2021. Another change adds temporary licenses “to get through the football season,” Ward said.

Sports betting provisions

The bill contains the basic rules for sports betting in Louisiana.

It authorizes 20th Licenses in Louisiana with two mobile skins each:

  • fifteen Riverboat casinos
  • Four racetracks
  • A land based casino

Geofencing would restrict mobile betting to the 55 Louisiana communities that approved sports betting in November.

Louisiana tax trip smoothly

Stefanski wrote HB 697 and ran it through both chambers. The house passed on 10th of May.

The tax certificate comes from the house because Louisiana law requires tax certificates to start in the chamber and go past a two-thirds Poll. If the Senate passes without changes, it will go to the governor.

Assuming it’s over by Thursday, HB 697’s trip is the opposite of the tax burden for daily fantasy sport. A Stefanski bill for DFS last year ended a two-year journey after voters approved it 2018.

Details on the taxation of sports betting

HB 697 raises a 10% Tax on personal retail bets and fifteen% on mobile betting.

Mobile sports betting in Louisiana is a key piece of legislation regarding their revenue potential, Stefanski said earlier.

The state could generate up $ 20 million Stefanski claims that sports betting income is increasing annually.

Stefanski adds the Louisiana Lottery component

In addition to introducing taxation, Stefanski’s bill adds a sports betting license for the Louisiana Lottery. Stefanski has included the lottery component in the tax bill, as this also requires a two-thirds vote.

The lottery element allows local bars and restaurants to participate in sports betting in LA.

The bill provides for a mobile component with the lottery bill and kiosks for the local facilities.

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