Cincinnati Schools want to settle lawsuit with parents of bullied boy

Gabriel Taye was eight years old when his mother found him hanged and dead in his bedroom. In their lawsuit, Taye’s family alleged that the Cincinnati Schools had covered up the extent of the bullying at Carson Elementary.

Cincinnati Public Schools is expected to resolve a lawsuit with the parents of an 8-year-old boy who committed suicide after being tortured by bullies.

According to CNN, Gabriel Taye was barely eight when he hanged himself with a tie in 2017. Taye’s family, according to CNN, filed a lawsuit against the Cincinnati Public Schools shortly thereafter.

In their complaint, Taye’s family said the district – along with Gabriel’s headmistress, deputy headmistress and a school nurse – had not responded adequately to the boy’s complaints about harassment or otherwise treated them.

In addition, Taye’s family said no one told them about an incident that allegedly occurred two days before the boy’s suicide.

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The proposed deal, according to CNN, would pay Gabriel’s family $ 3 million; it would also require the district to introduce a range of new methods and procedures to combat bullying.

However, Cincinnati public schools would claim they did nothing wrong.

“The defendants firmly believe that neither CPS, its staff, nor the school were responsible for the tragic death of Gabriel Taye,” said Aaron Herzig, an attorney who represents the Cincinnati public schools. “CPS aims to eliminate bullying in schools and to further refine and improve the reporting, management and training processes in connection with bullying incidents.”

The New York Times notes that Gabriel was severely bullied for at least a year before he committed suicide. He was supposedly very academic – he avoided most physical confrontation and was eager to learn, but had a reputation for not being a “cool kid.”

From first through third grades, Gabriel Taye showed signs of problems – on occasion he would come home with inexplicable injuries ranging from bruises to loose teeth.

In January 2017, the school’s surveillance cameras recorded another incident in which Gabriel was knocked to the ground and knocked unconscious by another child.

While Gabriel’s mother decided to leave him at home the next day, his agony resumed when he went back to school on January 26th – two other students molested Gabriel in a toilet, where they tried to put his water bottle in a toilet do the washing up.

Gabriel committed suicide in his room that same day.

The New York Times quoted Gabriel’s parents as saying that there had never been any real evidence that Gabriel was being bullied – he never complained and tried to stay cheerful. In fact, Carson Elementary School didn’t tell Gabriel’s family about the toilet attack until the boy was dead.

The family, the Times adds, later discovered that several other parents had pulled their children out of Carson because bullying was so prevalent and relentless.

Still, Carson’s leadership reported only four incidents of bullying last year – despite dozens of complaints.

Michele Young, another attorney for the parents, said she and her clients hope the proposed reforms of the Cincinnati Schools will help the district “become a model for how we create safety for all children.”


The Cincinnati School District wants to resolve the lawsuit brought by the parents of a victimized boy who hanged himself

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