CIPL hosts webinar on China’s privateness panorama

On February 23, 2021, the Center for Information Policy Leadership in Hunton Andrews Kurth hosted a webinar on China’s data protection landscape and upcoming legislation.

During the talk, representatives from CIPL and Hunton gave an overview of the increasingly complex data protection and security landscape in China and examined important similarities and differences between China’s proposed law on the protection of personal data (“PIPL”) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (the “GDPR.” “); Representatives of private sector organizations based in China discussed strategies and approaches for compliance with the Chinese data protection regime. A senior researcher from Beihang University gave an overview of the AI ​​policy landscape in China.

The main highlights of the webinar include:

  • The data protection landscape in China is very extensive and is continuously being developed. It contains specific data protection laws as well as a large number of sectoral laws, regulations, guidelines and national standards on data protection.
  • If passed, the draft data protection law and the proposed PIPL, along with China’s cybersecurity law, would form the basis for a comprehensive data protection system in China. The PIPL and draft Data Protection Act are expected to come into effect sometime in 2021, along with some additional implementing rules.
  • Given the many similarities between PIPL and GDPR, organizations are considering how to leverage GDPR compliance efforts to prepare for PIPL compliance and identify and address relevant gaps. In addition, organizations are studying the similarities between the PIPL and many existing regulations and standards in China to leverage compliance efforts in anticipation of the PIPL.
  • China’s AI policy landscape is also evolving rapidly, requiring the formation of new regulations for algorithmic recommendations, deep fakes, and other aspects of AI.

To learn more about the work flow and CIPL’s Asian engagement in China, please contact Michelle Marcoot at [email protected]

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