Columbus, Ohio is paying $ 10 million to settle the lawsuit of Andre Hill’s murder by police

Hill, a 47-year-old black man, was shot dead seconds after police arrived to investigate a minor complaint.

The city of Columbus, Ohio will pay $ 10 million to resolve a lawsuit related to the police murder of Andre Hill.

“No amount of money will ever bring Andre Hill back to his family, but we believe this is an important and necessary step in the right direction,” said Zach Klein, Columbus attorney, in a statement.

The settlement is the largest in the history of the city, according to Shayla Favor, chairman of the Criminal Justice and Justice Department in Columbus. Speaking to CNN, Favor hopes the deal will lead to further reforms and progress.

“We cannot afford to continue this way,” she said. “I hope this is the last time we’ll see something like this.”

According to CNN, Hill was shot dead by police on Dec. 22 after officer Adam Coy and his colleague answered a call regarding a man who had sat in an SUV for a long time and repeatedly turned his engine on and off.

Hill, who is black, was fatally shot seconds after the officers arrived. Body camera footage shows the 47-year-old African American approaching the officers with a lighted cell phone in one hand.

A hammer. Image via Wikimedia Commons via Flickr / User: Brian Turner. (CCA-BY-2.0).

Although Hill had a cell phone in hand and was obviously unarmed, Coy opened fire and killed the man.

National Public Radio reports that neither Coy nor his colleague had activated their body cameras prior to the shooting.

However, a 60-second lookback function recorded the recording. The remaining footage showed Hill not receiving medical attention for more than 10 minutes.

“This settlement tonight is a small step towards justice for Andre Hill’s family. Although it will not bring him back to his family, I pray that it will provide some comfort during this extremely difficult time, “Favor said in a statement. “Tonight I want our community to know that this council has taken on the critical task of reform before us, despite redefining public safety work.”

As part of settlement conditions, Columbus has agreed to rename its municipal gym after Hill.

Benjamin Crump, a prominent civil rights attorney who represented the Hill family and is known for his advocacy on behalf of other victims of police brutality, said the facts of the case are clear.

“Everyone knew that was wrong. And what should responsible leaders do in the face of injustice? What should be the example for our children? “Said Crump. “If you see wrong, it is your obligation to do right.”

Hill’s daughter, Karissa Hill, said the settlement does not alleviate the family’s grief, but it is at least a step in the right direction.

“It’s a step towards something. It doesn’t help or take away the scar we still have when my father isn’t here, “Karissa Hill said at a press conference after the deal was announced. “But it’s something, and it’s a start.”

Officer Adam Coy, NPR notes, was released less than a week after the shooting for not turning on his body camera and not providing Hill medical care. Since then, he has been charged with criminal murder and faces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.


City of Columbus pays $ 10 million to settle Andre Hill’s family

Columbus City Council approves a $ 10 million settlement with Andre Hill’s family

Columbus, Ohio approves a $ 10 million settlement for Andre Hill’s family

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