Cuomo is getting its mobile NY sports betting route, but at what price?

Details about the cell phone are slowly becoming known NEW Sports betting could look like this – and it still doesn’t make sense.

As it appears Governor Andrew Cuomo won with its model in which sports betting providers have to bid for a chance to offer mobile sports betting in New York.

Easy, according to PlayNY one or two Operators are selected through the RFP. There will be then no less than four skins available, although it’s not entirely clear how that will work. In order to win the bid, the operators must at least divide 50% of profits.

The state’s commercial casinos will host the servers. Rep. Gary Pretlow said PlayNY, he thinks everything four Casinos will be involved.

How do casinos make money with mobile sports betting in New York?

The casinos could still benefit from the governor’s structure. It all depends on whether the RFP requires a sportsbook to have a contract with a casino, as it put on its agenda for 2021:

At the suggestion of Governor Cuomo, the New York State Gaming Commission will launch a call for proposals to select one or more providers of mobile sports betting in New York. This platform must have a partnership with at least one of the existing licensed commercial casinos. The Commission will also require that any company that operates mobile betting apps put in place safeguards against abuse and addiction.

That could open the process to potentially fair four to six Sports betting at the moment:

  • DraftKings, along with From the lake
  • FanDuel, along with Tioga Downs
  • Bet365, along with Empire Resorts
  • BetRiversthat is associated with Rush Street‘s Rivers Casino

PointsBet and Penn National could also be included in this list. The two have second skin agreements with Tioga Downs and Rivers, respectively. It’s not clear if second skin agreements would count.

Of course, given the confusion of the whole process, this paragraph could mean that any sports betting provider can apply for a license as long as they have an agreement with at least one casino to host the servers.

The Oneida Indians are reportedly dissatisfied with the negotiations

Cuomo and Budget Manager Rob Mujica waived concerns a 2013 Billing with the Oneida Indians This would jeopardize Oneida’s revenue-sharing agreement with the state at a press conference on Monday.

Apparently the two sides don’t communicate well. The Oneida are on board with what the Senate and Assembly want but are in question, according to Cuomo’s proposal Tom Precious the Buffalo News:

Response from Oneida Indian Nation tonight after Cuomo’s comments on Mobile Sports Betting.

– Tom Precious (@TomPreciousALB) April 5, 2021

The 2013 agreement between the Oneida and the state is established 10 Counties in which it has exclusive gaming rights. The problem again comes down to the legal answer where an online bet is placed, Mujica said.

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