Eerie County Judge approves $ 10 million settlement on Amanda Grazioli’s estate

A judge has cleared a $ 10 million settlement on the estate of Amanda Grazioli, who was shot dead by her husband in 2018.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports how John Grazioli shot his wife in the head in bed on March 8, 2018.

The one-time finance manager then wrote a suicide note saying, “I killed Amanda Schmitt Grazioli. I killed myself. I am deeply sorry. “

But instead of killing himself, Grazioli went to a restaurant where he ordered a sandwich and beer. Shortly afterwards he went to mass and confessed to a Catholic priest.

Grazioli was arrested shortly afterwards and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.

Earlier this week, a Pennsylvania judge approved a $ 10 million settlement on the estate of Amanda Grazioli, who had filed an unlawful death lawsuit against John.

Picture of the case on the floor. (U.S. Air Force photo / Senior Airman Kristina Overton). Public domain.

The settlement, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, is one of the largest lawsuits ever settled in Eerie County, Pennsylvania.

“That ends one of the chapters of this saga,” said attorney Adam Barrist about the settlement. “The groundbreaking result has paid off.”

Barrist said the case and settlement should serve as a warning to people who don’t care about others but still care about their money.

“John Grazioli wasn’t very afraid to fire the bullet that killed his wife,” Barrist said. “After that, he even went to a bar and quietly enjoyed his lunch and beer before confessing to a priest.

“However,” added Barrist, “it was him, too, over three years and on the brink of civil process to approve this settlement.” reports that it is unclear how much – if any – of the settlement money can be reclaimed from John Grazioli.

While Grazioli owned his own finance firm and publicly boasted of overseeing over $ 1.4 billion in investments and assets, a later police investigation revealed that John was indeed fighting for money.

Even so, Barrist believes Grazioli may have hidden money somewhere – and he’s confident he’ll find it.

“I am confident that I will get every penny of the verdict back,” said Barrist. “I think he has stashed money all over the country and around the world.”

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette notes that the publicized case was and remains a mystery in several ways. Grazioli had no obvious motive for killing his wife and claimed in court that the shooting was somehow accidental.


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