Female paramedics file lawsuits against the FDNY

The female paramedic says she was harassed by FDNY staff.

A female FDNY paramedic, Maria Miranda, 42, has alleged her colleagues sent her illegal pictures and dating requests. When reporting them, she said they had “assigned them to violent areas of the city and forced them to clean dangerously bloody ambulances.” She has filed a lawsuit against the FDNY and the city in federal court in Manhattan.

The lawsuit states, “A boys’ club within the department protected employees and supervisors” who allegedly took pictures of Miranda’s breast, yelled at her, sent pictures of her genitals, and “followed her at work and refused to pay her.”

“You hate going to work,” Miranda recalled. “It breaks my heart because I love what I do. I don’t want it to happen to anyone else. “

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Paramedic Philip Jugenheimer asked Miranda out on a date. Then she began “sending her photos of his genitals after coming to Ward 4 on the Lower East Side in December 2014,” she claims in the suit. “When Jugenheimer realized he wasn’t getting what he wanted, he started walking. The ambulance was dirty, had no supplies and was strewn with used needles and his personal effects. Sometimes there was even blood on the floor. “

Miranda said her supervisor, Lt. Jon Phelan, had also promised her her desirable schedules and overtime if she had made an appointment with him. He yelled at her and chased her when she refused. The FDNY said its complaints were “unfounded despite multiple witnesses” and “had done little more than change some of the defendant’s shifts,” the complaint said. The hostile work environment made her physically ill and once made her vomit.

When a supervisor reported Phelan’s alleged abuse of Miranda to the FDNY Equal Opportunities Office, “Phelan began an abuse campaign that is still affecting her.”

Phelan’s friend, Lt. James Scordus, is currently charged with sexual abuse allegedly improperly touching an NYPD official in Brooklyn in October 2019. Miranda said Scordus “also refused to work overtime, refused to fill her ambulance with the vital narcotics, and once wrote she is ready to wear a pink FDNY breast cancer awareness hat. “

His lawyer Oliver Storch replied: Scordus has been saving lives for 27 years and is currently the supervisor in the fight against COVID-19. He was shocked and hurt by the allegations.

In 2020, Miranda had symptoms of COVID-19 and quarantined herself by taking a mandatory vacation. When she returned to work, another supervisor sent her to work for paramedics across town, “which resulted in significantly more stabs, shootings and lashes,” the lawsuit said while putting her life at risk .

“New York City prides itself on its tough anti-harassment and retaliation laws … It’s time for the city to meet its own standards and protect victims from harassment and retribution rather than cover up the perpetrators,” said Miranda’s attorney. Denise Schulman.

Miranda looks for unspecified damage while she remains in her position. She said, “If I go, they win. Why should I be afraid to go to work? “


FDNY Boys Club Protects Sexual Harassment, Lawsuit Alleges

FDNY Boys Club Protects Sexual Harassers: Lawsuit

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