Florida Sports Betting Approved by Senate in Seminole Compact

Florida Get sports betting senate approval Tuesday as part of the larger Gaming Compact with the Seminole Indians.

The compact still has to be approved by the Housewhat could happen Wednesday.

Also notable from TuesdayThe special session of the Senate was the fact Sen. Travis Hutson did not bring daily fantasy sports Bill on the floor. This bill that was rejected by both DraftKings and FanDuelis dead by next year.

Sports betting in Florida can begin thereafter if they weather the legal challenges likely to come 15th October. This also assumes that the pact is approved by the federal government.

Florida sports betting isn’t a hot topic on the floor

The Senate debated multiple gaming bills for more than two hours, but spoke very little about sports betting in Florida during the compact bill.

Much of this debate took place Monday In the Senate Budget Committee. That’s when Seminole Gaming CEO Jim Allen shared that both DraftKings Sports Betting and FanDuel Sports Betting already submitted proposals for cooperation with the Seminole in Florida.

Allen said he met too Bar stool sports betting and “many of the other companies.”

The Seminole Indians will divide 13.75% of sports betting revenue with the state. As long as the Seminole signs sports betting deals with at least three parimutuel operators in the state within three months.

Without these agreements, which would enable Parimutuels to start their own skins but keep all bets on the Seminole server, this share of sales would increase by 2% until such deals are concluded. That little increase would be for that Stronach Group consider keeping exclusivity, Mike Rogers of Gulfstream Park said.

Senate President expects a lawsuit

The pact could face challenges on a number of fronts, including the illegal expansion of gambling based on a passed constitutional amendment 2018 That gives Florida voters the right to approve the casino expansion.

For this reason or another, Sen. President Wilton Simpson is ready for the challenge of the compact:

“According to the people who didn’t want it to happen, there is a 100% chance it could end up in court somewhere.”

Simpson said it is not for lawmakers to worry about whether or not something will be challenged in court. He added that he “had a lot of confidence” that the pact would stand up in court.

If FL sports betting is questioned, it will be a problem for the Seminole, Allen said on Monday.

FL DFS bill killed

Hutson’s S 16-A did not make the crossing on Tuesday. There was just too much to do, Hutson told the Herald:

“We’re just too far away to process this bill in the next three hours.”

Simpson told reporters after the Senate session that his chamber was ready to pass the DFS bill, but there were differences between the Senate and the House.

Scott Ward represented both DraftKings and FanDuel to voice their opposition to the bill in House and Senate hearings on Monday. The bill had a few issues that Ward said needed to be addressed:

  • The addition of a clause stating that working without a license was allowed while waiting to obtain a license. Without it, companies would have to withdraw from Florida so as not to jeopardize their licenses in other states.
  • Allow competitions for college fantasy sports.
  • Remove entry restriction requirements.
  • Lower the legal age to 18th of 21.

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