How can data searches help you verify customers?

Building and maintaining a successful legal practice requires acquiring and attracting new clients. However, it is not worthwhile to represent all interested parties. A well-established method is a well-defined recording process With thoroughly Due diligence Check customers. This can be Eliminate surprises that would otherwise delay or derail. a case.

As part of your due diligence, you would first like to interview Your law firm viewCustomers to learn more about them and their reasons for seeking advice. Your inquiry, however, should not stop there. Then you want to search public, private, and business records. This will help you determine if your customer is telling the truth and potentially reveal important information that they accidentally or intentionally failed to mention about their case.

Why checks legal Important to customers?

Part of being a prudent attorney is making decisions that will benefit you Law Practice while avoiding decisions that can cause harm, such as: B. the loss of billable time or violations of ethics. Customer review is an important part of this decision-making process. For example, cConflict checks ensure you have No conflicts of interest that would rule this out they from representing a potential customer. Such controls are part of a lawyer’s ethical obligations. error to review appropriately Because conflicts can lead to a claim for abuse.

Conflict controls are a widespread practice among attorneys because they are spelled out in the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct. There are, however others less obviousand yet important Reasons to review customers.

  • Confirm the customer identity: It can sound unnecessaryHowever, you need to confirm that your customer is who they say they are. Confirmation of identity can require different steps depending on the nature of the matter. If the prospect asks you to represent their business, you must confirm their relationship the Companiess, z. B. whether or not they are actually a member of an LLC. If the matter involves specific relationships with other people, as is the case divorce and Probate proceedings you need to review these relationships.
  • Assess the character:: You want to represent customers the are reputable and have integrity. When checking a client’s background for criminal convictions or previous litigation, red flags can become visible that could keep you from taking her case.
  • Evaluate the prospect’s finances:: Unless you work pro bono, They expect to get paid for your time and representation. Whether the prospect is an individual or a company, public, private, and business records are reviewed such as lines, judgment and bankruptcy information will help you evaluate the potential customer. In addition, a review of a potential corporate client’s finances could reveal indications of unscrupulous business practices.
  • Discover smoking guns: Nothing can derail a case like a so-called smoking gun. Damn evidence like that often arise when working with a potential client who is Holding back the Truth about theirs case. For example there were numerous Incidents when a person Publicly available Social media content was used against them a claim. in the the personal injury lawsuit Romano v. SteelcaseOne worker fell from an office chair and suffered a “severe permanent” injury. She then sued the chair manufacturer. As part of the discovery, the defense checked the plaintiff’s social media profiles and found public posts contradicting the extent of her injuries, such as: B. Pictures of her outside of her home.

What Iinformation sshould lawyers use too vand clients?

Lawyers can search public, private and business records during the admission process to review their clients. While exhaustive IInternet search can If you get some of this information, many records will be inaccessible over the internet. In addition, information on the discovered IInternet may not be the most up-to-date or full. You will I want to dig a little more With Online applications that provide consolidated data sets to make sure you get a comprehensive Picture of your prospect, as:

  • Confirmation of the identity of a potential customer: A Searching for base records can confirm current and previous addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers, email addresses, and places of work. Publicity, private and business Recordings can also confirm the customer’s relationships with other people, e.g. B. Family relationships, current and previous marriages, and business partners.
  • measure up the solvency of a potential customer:: Bankruptcy filings, liens, evictions, foreclosures, and the history of litigation and judgments are all relevant to Paint a Image of a potential customer’s financial situation. File reviews can also help identify assets like title deeds and vehicle registrations.
  • Looking for red flags:: Social media can be a treasure trove to the lawyers looking for a veterinarian Customers Character and too introduce first scan for big red flags. In the event of personal injury or claims for damages by the employee, images may contradict the characterization of the severity of the injuries caused by the customer. In criminal cases, customers can post text or videos that involve them in a criminal offense. Activity on sites like Twitter or Facebook could reflect a propensity to engage in online harassment, which tarnishes a prospect’s character.

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