James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, tries to sue CNN, Twitter, for defamation

O’Keefe claims CNN defamed him by suggesting he was banned from Twitter for spreading disinformation when Twitter actually banned him for running fake accounts.

James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, has filed a defamation lawsuit against Twitter, saying he plans to file a similar complaint against CNN on Monday.

“There are people on Twitter who pretend to be me and still stay on Twitter,” O’Keefe said in a statement. “I will drop off [Twitter founder Jack Dorsey] under oath […] and tomorrow I’m going to sue CNN. “

The Veritas project, classified as a far-right activist group, has tried extensively to discredit mainstream media as well as progressive politicians. The organization was alleged to have used fraudulent practices and subtly manipulated secretly recorded videos and audio reels to damage the reputation of its targets.

While O’Keefe – and Fox News – claim that the founder of Project Veritas was banned from Twitter for “exposing CNN for manipulating political events,” Twitter removed O’Keefe for running several fake accounts.

Forbes.com notes that Project Veritas released months of leaked audio from CNN corporate meetings and allegedly recorded an “obvious CNN employee” who stated that the media deliberately tried to undermine former President Donald Trump and his right-wing allies .

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In his lawsuit against Twitter, O’Keefe alleged that the company’s ban was imposed for the wrong reasons and damaged O’Keefe’s reputation.

“The false accusation that Mr O’Keefe had ‘fake accounts’ is particularly harmful to Mr O’Keefe because Mr O’Keefe is a journalist,” the complaint read. “Hence, his reputation for transparency and accurate reporting is fundamental to his profession.”

Now, O’Keefe says he will become CNN after one of his anchors, Ana Cabrera, suggested that O’Keefe was de-plated for spreading disinformation.

“Even Twitter doesn’t say I was banned for disinformation or Project Veritas was banned,” O’Keefe told Fox News. “In this country people are defamed and lied to every day, and they don’t have the will, the money or the resources to defend themselves. So Veritas will be the tip of that spear. “

O’Keefe told Fox News that he expected the defamation lawsuits against Twitter and CNN to be successful – and bragged that Project Veritas has not yet lost a lawsuit in its corporate history.

“We’re not settling down,” he said. “We fight until the jury decides and have never lost.”

“We want to take Jack Dorsey off under oath,” added O’Keefe. “We want to get these people through tipping to understand exactly what went through their minds when they maliciously lied about me and said I had fake accounts.”


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