Legal South Dakota Sports Betting Signed by the Governor into Reality

Legal South Dakota Sports betting are officially on the way.

Gov. Kristi Noem signed Senate Act 44 into law ThursdayCompletion of a trip that began with voter approval for legal betting in November.

September 1 is the goal for the start in the city Deadwoodwhere the bill legalizes SD sports betting.

South Dakota Sports Betting Details

Bettors in the state must go to Deadwood for personal registration. Once registered, bettors can place mobile bets on-site at Deadwood casinos.

Registration rules will likely be restrictive for many in the state since Deadwood is a six-hour drive away Sioux Falls, the largest city in the state that is nearby Iowa. Hawkeye State does not require personal registration, which makes this requirement burdensome for South Dakotans.

The state also does not accept bets on:

  • University sports
  • Minor league sports
  • Colleges in South Dakota
  • Prop bets on individual college athletes

Mobile sports betting outside of Deadwood?

While most languages ​​indicate that sports betting is limited to Deadwood, there is one unclear language. The calculation is:

Sports betting may only be conducted on the premises of a licensed gaming establishment as approved by the Commission in the City of Deadwood. Any operator or route operator authorized by the Commission to conduct sports betting must install and maintain equipment that has been approved by the Commission to ensure that all bets are placed on the premises of a licensed gaming establishment, as specified by the Commission in the City approves deadwood.

In theory, a casino could have an on-site server in Deadwood, allowing betting across the state. There is confusion and uncertainty among the sources LSR contacted. The actual location of a sports bet remains an undecided legal question.

Deadwood Gaming Association chief Executive Officer Mike Rodman told PlayIA Geolocation technology restricts betting to casino properties.

How sports betting came about in South Dakota

South Dakota voters decided to legalize sports betting November 2020. With the electoral measure, the state constitution was changed to allow betting in Deadwood.

SB 44 passed the senate, 32-2and then the House, 58-8.

Sports betting in South Dakota is likely to take place among states as well 11 Tribal casinos. Tribal casinos may legally offer the same options as commercial real estate.

Neighboring states continue to peel bets

Iowa’s proximity to South Dakota’s main population center will continue to place a tax burden on the potential of sports betting.

Wyoming Also recently kept his hopes for sports betting alive 2021.

Legislators in North Dakota and Nebraska are also reviewing sports betting this year.

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