Mobile NY Sportsbook officially officially signed according to Cuomo’s budget

It’s official, although it’s been practically official for a few weeks now: mobile NEW Sports betting is coming.

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Fiscal year 2022 budget The law ended with months of negotiation and years of work to get mobile sports betting in New York.

While it’s a win for New Yorkers looking for a legal and local betting option, New Jersey Sports betting will be in the limelight for a few more months. The monopoly model ultimately adopted by Cuomo with concessions from legislators means that getting started will take a little longer than just writing regulations and licensing sports betting.

Sen. Joe Addabbo Jr. said he ultimately hopes that Super bowl serves as a benchmark for measuring the legal mobile communications market in New York. However, potential legal challenges from tribal nations or other interests remain a possibility.

Next steps for mobile sports betting in New York

Cuomo’s model requires a call for proposals which starts first July 1 and run for 30 days. There will be then 150 days Evaluate suggestions, although a decision might be made earlier.

There is no rating system for criteria yet, although Addabbo pointed out some of its points:

“However, there are the criteria we need to consider: the criteria for going to market, the expertise, the business these vendors may have done with other states, the ability to handle volume, the ability to work with New York. So I think these other criteria limit the scope of these potential bidders.

“I also don’t think I think New York is looking for a new operator looking to get into this mobile sports betting industry. I think that’s the right perspective for New York, unique in the sense that it is catching up with other states. So you don’t want the newcomer, but the best provider so that, as I said, we hopefully have maximum potential on the first day. “

Cuomo’s model is based on New Hampshire Sports betting that has been given a mobile and retail monopoly DraftKings Sports Betting through his RFP.

Who will apply?

Expect many bidders to come to New York’s table. What exactly will be required of the bidders is still unclear.

What is known will be there at least two Platform provider selected with a at least four Skins. It is not yet clear whether these skins will have to use the platform provider’s technology. These platform providers pay $ 25 million each for a 10 year license and must do more than share 50% of the total income from sports betting.

Every platform provider who works with one of the state’s three tribal game partners receives additional points. This determination probably follows from the Oneida Nation Ask if mobile betting can take place in their exclusive gaming zone.

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