Plagerism lawsuit dismissed because of “form of water”, Guillermo del Toro regarded as creator

A plagiarism lawsuit and Guillermo del Toro’s Oscar winner “The Shape of Water” was dismissed earlier this month.

A copyright lawsuit against Guillermo del Toro’s Oscar winnerThe shape of the water‘was recently released. The lawsuit was originally filed by the family of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Paul Zindel over allegations that Del Toro stole Zindel’s play “Let Me Hear You Whisper.” Both stories “are about actions centered on a creature imprisoned in a scientific research facility.” The lawsuit was filed shortly before the Oscar voting deadline in 2018. ‘The Shape of Water’ won the titles of “Best Picture” and “Best Director”.

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Commenting on the dismissal, a Searchlight Pictures spokesperson made the following statement:

“David Zindel, the son of Paul Zindel, author of ‘Let Me Hear You Whisper’, has confirmed that his plagiarism claims are unfounded based on confidential information received during the litigation. He recognizes Guillermo del Toro as the true creator of “The Form of Water”. Any resemblance between the two works is fortuitous. “

Prior to dismissal, the lawsuit was on the brink of spike, especially after US District Court judge Percy Anderson denied it, ruling that “the basic requirement of a scientific institution worker deciding to free a creature undergoing scientific experimentation In 2020, copyright claims were revived when the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals agreed that “additional evidence, including expert testimony, would support the objective literary analysis needed to assess the similarities between” The Shape of Water ”and“ Let me hear you ”to determine whisper.” From there, a trial date was set in July and law enforcement and defense teams were due to “come up with expert reports and the names of witnesses” that month, but the case is now dismissed in its entirety .

It’s important to note that “The Shape of Water” was the center of plagiarism claims soon after it hit theaters. Indeed, in February 2018, French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet accused del Toro of “copying the dance scene from his film ‘Delicatessen’.” At the time, Jeunet had an interview with Ouest-France, a French publication. In it he said:

“I said [del Toro]: ‘You have a lot of imagination, a lot of talent. Why go and [steal] the ideas of others? [del Toro] said, “We owe it all to Terry Gilliam.” According to [del Toro], he doesn’t steal from others, it’s Terry Gilliam who influenced us all. As he [directs] The scene of the couple sitting on the edge of the bed and dancing with their feet, with the musical in the background on TV, is copied and pasted in this way [from] “Delicatessen” that there is a moment when I tell myself that he lacks self-respect. “


Plagiarism “form of water” complaint dismissed: Guillermo del Toro is the “true creator”

Guillermo del Toro named the “true creator” of The shape of the water ends as plagiarism lawsuit

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