Questions and answers on LSR: Rep. Chip LaMarca on alternative ways for FL sports betting forward

Florida The special legislative session ends on Wednesday and there is still one casting vote left for FL sports betting.

The House to vote on the Gaming Compact, which includes mobile sports betting in Florida.

It will be the final hurdle for the pact after stepping down from a House committee on Tuesday. The senate also approved by a 38-1 Poll.

Before that crucial final meeting LSR caught up with the state Rep. Chip LaMarca, R-Broward County, for a rapid fire briefing.

LSR: It has been reported that DraftKings is lobbying against this contract. Does that mean we won’t see an open competitive market as you hoped?

LaMarca: Everyone is a lobbyist. I would like to have more questions today about whether FanDuel, DraftKings and barstool will actually be allowed to participate.

I support a highly competitive market. One thing that could be up for discussion is this 60/40 Income sharing between pari-mutuel and tribes. I don’t know where the Seminole tribe is ready for this.

I hope they make it as easy for people to place bets as possible. This means that you don’t have to go to a casino and use multiple platforms.

This is not a monopoly. There should be multiple platforms that people can bet on. That really expands the market and gives the tribe a bit more.

LSR: What happens if mobile sports betting is removed from the contract by the federal government or a court, as some predict?

LaMarca: There are other ways to get this to market. The tribe says there is one $ 700 million Florida black market, and if they’re even half right, this is a great opportunity for the state.

One way is to lead this to a referendum. I think mobile sports betting on its own is much higher than other forms of gambling add-on like resort casinos or iCasino.

People understand that this is already happening on phones.

LSR: Will the contract be approved by the house today?

LaMarca: I think so.

There will be significant votes against these because of social issues and because of the governor (Ron DeSantis) supports it. But I think there will be enough yes.

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