Restaurant explosions result in injuries and legal proceedings

Woman injured in Illinois restaurant and files lawsuit. Meanwhile, a Singapore woman gets an agreement on a similar suit.

A Lindenhurst, Illinois-based LaVerne Burress who sustained serious injury in an explosion at Anastasia’s Antioch restaurant and sports lounge in September 2020 has filed a lawsuit against the company, according to her attorney with the law firm Salvi, Schostok and Pritchard. The lawsuit was filed in the Lake County Circuit Court earlier this month. Video footage documented the terrible incident, at which point it was reported that Burress had suffered injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital but was in stable condition.

“LaVerne and Charles Burress went to dinner with Anastasia and ate on the outside terrace of the restaurant,” the file says. “To reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19, the couple decided to take advantage of the fine weather and dine on the restaurant’s outdoor terrace. At around 7:04 p.m. that evening, an outdoor fireplace exploded on the terrace of the restaurant. LaVerne Burress, who was sitting near the faulty chimney, suffered a severe and painful injury to her Achilles tendon that required surgery. “

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After the explosion, an investigation found that there was a “crack in the joint between the flexible hose and the gas line in the north tower of the outer chimney,” according to the lawsuit, which claims the restaurant “does not have the inspection, maintenance and repair adequately carried out the outdoor fireplace, which poses an unreasonable risk of damage. “It is seeking at least $ 50,000 in damages and is seeking a trial.

“LaVerne and Charles have a daughter who is getting married in October. Instead of enjoying this special time and taking her daughter to venues and dress appointments, LaVerne is in excruciating pain, ”said attorney John A. Mennie. “She is often unable to perform everyday activities because of the swelling and pain from her injury. We hope this lawsuit will bring LaVerne the financial resources it needs to recover and heal, but we also hope that this will alert restaurants to the important duty they have to serve their customers in the coming years Protect patio season. “

Last month, 45-year-old Linda Er, a woman seriously injured in an explosion at the Chong Qing Steamboat & BBQ Hotpot in Singapore, finally reached a settlement after six years of fighting. The explosion injured five guests.

The payout took so long mainly due to insurance issues. The restaurant’s insurance company was expected to cover the full amount. However, it insisted that the restaurant did not supervise its staff and refused to provide any compensation. A judge eventually ruled that both parties were responsible.

Although the S $ 100,000 (S $ 75,000) amount “is less than originally requested, He accepted the settlement agreement when it went ahead,” said her attorney, Jogesh Doshi. There won’t be much left after she covers the cost of fighting her case, medical bills, and debts to friends and family members who helped her along the way.

However, he said she “felt relaxed for the first time because it was all behind me”.

Woman files lawsuit after sustaining serious injuries during the explosion at Antioch’s restaurant


Woman files lawsuit after sustaining serious injuries during the explosion at Antioch’s restaurant

Woman injured after explosion at Anastasias restaurant in Antioch

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The 45-year-old woman receives compensation of S $ 100,000 after 6 years for severe burns caused by a hotpot explosion

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