Should you contact family lawyers during a breakup?

Family lawyers are a critical part of breakups. Amid the hurt and emotional turmoil, they step in and make the breakup bearable while ensuring that all of your rights and interests are protected.

A breakup can be crazy and very emotional. And that is especially true when the separation is not mutual. But even if it’s mutual, past memories can take a heavy toll on you.

Nobody marries with the intention of divorcing a few months or years later. Everyone connects the knot with a plan to keep the relationship going for the rest of their lives. But things do happen. You may find, after some time, that the spouse you once loved with all your heart is no longer a person to live with.

When you come to such difficult times, family advocates can help you ease your burden.

Role of family advocates during a breakup

A breakup is usually associated with multiple decisions that can change your family forever, negatively or positively. That’s basically why you need family lawyers to guide you through the separation from your spouse.

You want to choose family lawyers with extensive work experience, strong communication skills, excellent time management skills, excellent organizational skills, and a human touch who can stay calm no matter the pressure.

You might want to visit sites like Frenkel Tobin LLP for a deeper look at how family lawyers can help you with a breakup.

Here are the six main roles family lawyers play during a breakup:

1. Offer expert advice

You and your spouse will definitely have different rights and interests after the split. And given the emotional state that a breakup puts you in, you may not be able to reason and act properly.

Family lawyers will give you expert advice on exactly what to do, what to say and what not to say, what to do and what not to do, etc. This will prevent you from making costly mistakes that you may regret for the rest of your life.

Family lawyers also ensure that you address any issue that needs to be addressed. Note that any problem, no matter how small, can require future legal proceedings to cause you significant financial damage.

2. Custody Agreements

Breakups aren’t always that easy when it comes to custody. Often the divisive couples put their interests first, forgetting that it is the children’s interests that should determine who lives with them.

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Family lawyers can help you come up with a consensual custody arrangement that takes everyone’s interests into account.

3. Representation in court

Family lawyers represent your rights and interests before the judges of the court and fight to ensure that you are satisfied with the verdict. That is in the case of controversial divorces. They collect whatever information they think will help you win the case. They will arrange several meetings with you to discuss how the case can be resolved.

4. Real estate department

In the course of your relationship, you must have acquired property as a couple. Marital property includes the physical possessions that you have bought and inherited and money you have saved. When you split up, it’s only fair if each partner gets a fair share of your marital property.

Family lawyers act as intermediaries to help you share all of the property in a satisfactory manner. They will also help you with difficult problems that may arise when dividing up the property.

Remember that you need to be open, fair, and honest during this difficult time. Don’t be tempted to hide marital property as family lawyers are smart enough to expose anything that is out of sight.

5. Facilitate communication

If you’ve already called it over, wisdom dictates that you should try as much as you can to enforce the no contact rule. Any phone call or text to your spouse during the breakup process, especially those filled with hateful messages and threats, can leave you feeling sorry for the rest of your life.

Hence, it is advisable to communicate through family lawyers. At least they are the only ones who are completely sober at this point and therefore are not influenced by left, right and center emotions.

6. Reduce stress

The legal requirements that you have to meet after a separation can burden you even more. The pain from separation is enough. Instead of incriminating yourself, you can delegate most of the legal processes to family lawyers. They are designed to help you fill out the required forms and remind you of important appointments. In the meantime, you can spend your time relaxing and being around your kids.


Family lawyers are a critical part of breakups. Amid the hurt and emotional turmoil, they step in and make the breakup bearable while ensuring that all of your rights and interests are protected. So make sure you get a reputable family lawyer in the event of a breakup. Avoid bad lawyers as they can make your problems worse.

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