Texas AG’s Paxton files lawsuit against Biden Admin for “promoting the spread” of COVID along the border

In his lawsuit, Paxton asked a court to force the Biden administration to resume former President Donald Trump’s “Return to Mexico” program.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has filed his eighth lawsuit against the Biden administration, claiming that the White House’s new immigration regulations are encouraging the spread of the novel coronavirus along the U.S.-Mexico border.

On Thursday, Paxton released a statement saying that President Joe Biden’s decision to admit asylum seekers to the United States “creates an undeniable crisis along our southern border”.

“This reckless change in policy is hindering the reopening of the Texan economy at a time when businesses need it most and our children need to learn in person again as soon as possible,” said Paxton. “Law and order must be maintained and enforced immediately to ensure the security of our communities and the reopening of the strongest economy in the country.”

In his lawsuit, Paxton alleges that the Biden government’s approach to asylum seekers and other undocumented migrants violates the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s COVID-19 guidelines.

A 2013 picture of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. Image via Wikimedia Commons / User: Alice Linahan Voices Empower. (CCA-BY-2.0).

“Rather than using the authority of the CDC to prevent insured foreigners from entering the United States during a pandemic, the defendants have taken action that has resulted in the release of tens of thousands of foreign nationals to Texas and the United States.” the lawsuit says. “Without the intervention of this court, such publications will continue for the foreseeable future.”

Paxton said Biden’s immigration policy violates the Immigration and Citizenship Act, which requires the detention of undocumented arriving immigrants who may transmit diseases of public health concern.

Paxton’s lawsuit called on a federal judge to order the expulsion of migrants from the country and to force the White House to resume former President Donald Trump’s “Return to Mexico” program.

“More Texans will be exposed to COVID-19, more Texans will get COVID-19, more Texans will die from COVID-19, and Texas will have significant health and law enforcement resource costs,” Paxton’s lawsuit stated.

Fox News notes that the Biden administration has defended its return to pre-Trump guidelines; The White House found that the United States-Mexico border remains closed to most of the non-essential traffic and has accused former President Donald Trump of dismantling pre-existing legal routes for asylum seekers at regular entry points.

Paxton, Fox News adds, has filed over half a dozen other lawsuits against the White House since President Joe Biden took office in January. The Texas attorney general has sued the government over procedures to reduce deportations and Washington’s approval of the Keystone XL project.


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Texas AG’s Ken Paxton is suing the Biden government for “promoting the spread of COVID-19” on the southern border

Texas AG is suing the Biden government over COVID-19 risk on the southern border

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