Texas Sports Betting Stalls, but the public could vote on the expansion

Texas Sports betting appears to be dead for this session, but proponents still hope to see the expansion of gambling in a referendum next year.

Operators and local sports teams had provided support Rep. Dan Huberty HB 2070 in Texa decriminalizing and regulating Sports betting.

Another joint decision by Rep. John Kuempel and Sen. Carol Alvarado also aimed to legalize Texas sports betting and casino games.

Time is running out

However, with less than a month in the 2021 legislature, proponents seem to have come to terms with being beaten. The Sports betting allianceHB 2070, which represents several Texan professional sports teams, confirmed the standstill.

Kuempel also told the Dallas Morning News that his legislation was running out of steam.

“There is no time to pass this session,” said Kuempel.

Why Texas Sports Betting is stalling

Kuempel said there was insufficient support, also because the budget holes were smaller than previously feared. Powerful politicians like Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick Likewise resisted the effort.

A Sports Betting Alliance spokesman told LSR it was still hoping for a vote HJR 133. This resolution would put voters in a referendum on an issue of expanding gambling 2022.

Sports Betting Alliance spokesman The Gustafson Way said:

“We are still confident that we will get a vote on the HJR at this meeting so that Texans can decide whether to regulate the offshore sports betting industry ($ 5 billion in illegal betting per year). The session is not over yet! “

As in states like Louisiana and South Dakota, The legislature would still have to pass a sports betting bill if the Referendum motion is approved.

Optimism for 2023

Regardless of the outcome, fans said that sports betting in Texas had advanced in 2021, with the state always having a long way to go to do something about gambling.

“I’m more optimistic than ever,” Senator Carol Alvarado told the Dallas Morning News. “We have known all along that this is a long-term attempt.”

Small steps

The state held a hearing on sports betting in April, which helped educate lawmakers and elaborated a potential market framework.

Huberty said that Arizona The sports betting legislation was “perfect”. The model split 20th Licenses between the state’s professional teams and the game tribes.

A similar model could be at the center of Texas sports betting when legislators meet again in 2023.

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