The main negotiator says the budget will have “some form” of mobile sports betting in New York

All three sides of the negotiating table are still working hard on their version of mobile NEW Sports betting, although time is running out and the budget deadline for tonight is fast approaching.

Rep. Gary Pretlow LSR said on Wednesday, he thinks new York Sports betting is expanding to mobile devices. He’s just no one sure, though Governor Andrew Cuomo I will be happy about it.

“I think we’re going to have some form of sports betting, but I don’t think it’s going to be what anyone wants,” said Pretlow. “He modeled it after New Hampshire. New Hampshire isn’t a successful program, but he believes the state can make all that taxpayers money, and he’s sticking to that. “

Sports betting in New Hampshire has only one online sports betting provider, DraftKings Sports Betting. The company won the exclusivity through a public tender process. The language for New York would say up to two Operator, said Pretlow.

As negotiations continue, Pretlow said that acceptance of the Cuomo model is currently the worst-case scenario, which is an improvement on earlier this week.

Pretlow wants the language to change mobile sports betting in NY

Pretlow wants at least some sort of protection should Cuomo’s model fail to deliver the returns his office predicts.

Because of this, after a year, Pretlow wants a review that says that if the model doesn’t work, it can be changed to what lawmakers wanted. Both Pretlow and Sen. Joe Addabbo adopted legislation – A 1257 and S 1183– by committees this year up to 14 mobile brands.

Addabbo also mentioned possible tweaks to sports betting in NY in the future when speaking with LSR earlier Wednesday.

“I’ve always said in the past that the first version of mobile sports betting in New York won’t be the last,” said Addabbo. “You monitor it, you tweak it, you make changes to it. So the idea here is that we start and work with it. “

Addabbo believes sports betting has one 50-50 shot when entering the household.

Addabbo: Let’s compromise on mobile betting in New York

Neither of the three sides agreed on questions of the game.

While the Senate and Assembly agreed on sports betting, Addabbo also wants the language in the budget to expedite a process for sports betting three Downstate Casino Licenses. Royalty alone would add $ 1.5 billion to the budget.

But now is the time to compromise, not dig your heels, Addabbo said.

“You can stand on the ego and say my way or no way,” said Addabbo. “Nice. If you do that and nothing is done, you may feel happy with yourself, but we are losing thousands of jobs and millions of dollars – hundreds of millions of dollars. So all three sides have to give a little and take a little . “

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