The week within the sports activities betting information: Golden Knights come to their senses

happy Monday, everyone. The past week has been a little interesting for sports betting news, so let’s get started right away.

There’s no denying that the top story last week: the Vegas Golden Knights shocked the sports betting world with one tout partnership. That led to a lively discussion about the LSR podcast when the team tried to deal with the many questions raised by the deal.

If you follow @ LSPReport By then, on Twitter, you’re already familiar with the non-shocking update in this story from Saturday Afternoon.

Top sports betting news: Golden Knights end tout partnership

It took about 72 hours for the Golden Knights to reverse course and end the partnership with Upicktrade:

“The Vegas Golden Knights have terminated their sponsorship agreement with UpickTrade. The organization will not have any additional comments on this matter at this time. “

It was likely 71 hours more than it took the team and its officials to realize they’d screwed up. The social media response to a professional team signing an agreement with a pick-sell service has been quick and strong.

So the good news is that common sense prevailed. The disappointing side is that we still don’t know why the deal was signed or how much research has been done on such a deal. Either way, this situation is likely to make the teams a little more difficult to consider what kind of gambling partnerships to sign.

DraftKings spent a ton of money in 2020

In the latest example of “stocks only go up” DraftKings‘Share rose more than 6% and approached his 52 weeks high after reporting a net loss of $ 266 million in the fourth quarter alone.

The top line numbers, however, were very strong. Pro forma sales increased in the fourth quarter 98% to $ 332 million compared to last year. The company raised its 2021 Sales forecast between $ 900 million and $ 1 billion from $ 750-850 million previously.

Monthly unique players jumped 44% to 1.5 million in the quarter with revenue per player 55% to $ 65. Of course, this was far from free as the sales and marketing costs fell $ 192 million.

Elsewhere it sounds like weather in Oregon will get the DraftKings brand for their current one ScoreboardBranded sports betting. The lottery-regulated platform will likely continue to be based on SBTech ‘s technology.

Legislative round on sports betting: AZ, GA, MD, MA

There was news of four states last week regarding the legislation on the legalization of sports betting:

Bar stool sports betting nook for NY access

Penn National a two-way deal with Rush Street that could bring that Bar stool sports betting Brand for NEW Sports betting market.

That of course depends on what the mobile sports betting legislation is ultimately like. The agreement with Rush Street gives Barstool Sportsbook second skin Access to the market. However, there is no guarantee that New York lawmakers will agree on more than one skin per casino.

Rush Street BetRiversmeanwhile gets access to Ohio, Maryland and Missouri when accessing the second skin. It also has the right to bid in for a Penn-owned skin first Texas.

Score Media is now trading in the United States

Score Media finally has a US listing for its media and sports betting brand The scorewhat the company should open to a larger pool of investors.

The company has expanded its range to 6 million Shares at the price of $ 27 each off 5 million originally.

“We believe that listing in the US would benefit our business and our shareholders as we continue to capitalize on the growing opportunities in the rapidly evolving North American sports betting market,” said theScore founder and CEO John Levy said in a statement. “As the only fully integrated mobile sports media and games company in North America, theScore is uniquely positioned to grow our footprint and benefit from the expansion of legalized sports betting and iGaming in the US and Canada.”

Colorado, Nevada report January results

Colorado Sports betting again set new records in January $ 326.9 million under control and $ 23.1 million in sales.

Colorado’s market is dominated by mobile devices 97% from Handle Bet online. That’s a stark contrast too Nevada Sports betting that have just seen 56.3% from his January handle bet online.

Still, the state’s sports betting had the second highest handle and sales mark in January. Basketball barely matched soccer $ 293.1 million Bet on basketball versus $ 288.3 million on soccer.

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