Trump’s re-election marketing campaign drops central movement in Pennsylvania Voting Lawsuit

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign dropped a key motion in his lawsuit against Pennsylvania.

According to The Associated Press, the Trump campaign has actively sought to prevent Pennsylvania from confirming its election results. But on Sunday, campaign lawyers decided to ditch a motion requiring the state to send 682,000 postal and postal ballot papers that they claimed had been processed without proper supervision.

Despite the omission, the campaign continues to hope that continued legal battle can prevent President-elect Joe Biden from gaining victory in Pennsylvania.

To that end, conservative lawyers hope to prevent the state from confirming its findings, while also realizing that somehow Democratic voters have been treated more favorably than their right-wing counterparts. The Trump campaign has also replaced its lead legal advisor on the case, replacing Philadelphia-based attorney Linda Kerns with Marc Scaringi of Harrisburg, PA.

But despite the change in tactics, President Trump’s allies have insisted that he win Pennsylvania.

“Our lawsuit in Pennsylvania is absolutely still an issue with 682,479 postal ballots and postal ballots secretly counted,” Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh wrote on Twitter.

A 2016 picture of a Dropbox ballot box in Boulder County, Colorado. Image via Wikimedia Commons via Flickr / User: pasa47. (CCA-BY-2.0).

However, the campaign claims the changes in the lawsuit are “strategic” decisions to “restructure” [the] Lawsuit to rely on claims for violations of the equality clause of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. “

The Associated Press notes that the argument of the 14th Amendment no longer applies to bulk postal ballot papers, but rather to the claim that Pennsylvania illegally allowed voters to correct ballots that otherwise would have been technically disqualified .

The Trump campaign claims that voters in democratic counties were given the opportunity to offer such corrected ballots, while in republican counties this was not the case.

However, Cliff Levine, an attorney for the Democratic National Committee, said there are few ballots involved – and that this is unlikely to affect the election result, which Biden cast with around 70,000 votes.

“The numbers aren’t even close to the line between the two candidates,” said Levine. “Not even close.”

Levin also said there is nothing in state or federal law preventing counties from helping voters correct postal ballot papers that they may have made technical mistakes.

The AP notes that none of Pennsylvania’s counties – including those who voted heavily for Trump – have reported suspected election fraud.

Some Trump supporters say this may be due to the fact that Pennsylvania allegedly denied access to Republican officials at some polling stations, a claim Democratic Governor Tom Wolf described as a “lie”.


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