UPDATE: Will Virginia be the second state to move main privateness legal guidelines?

As we previously reported, major privacy laws called the Consumer Data Protection Act are working through Virginia lawmakers. In the event of an enactment, Virginia would be the second state to enact important data protection laws of general applicability.

To date, the Virginia Senate and House of Representatives have passed identical laws and are now going to Ralph Northam, the Virginia Governor. There was a debate in the Senate today over the fact that the bills were flawed because they did not contain a private right to sue and left enforcement to the Attorney General. This caused some senators to oppose the bills, which were ultimately passed 32-7.

Governor Northam could enact the bills by signing the bill or use his line item veto to make changes. The governor could also veto the bills in their entirety, but that doesn’t seem likely right now. The governor is expected to take office at the end of March.

We will continue to closely monitor the legislative process and provide updates as the bills progress.

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