What Legislators Have Added to the Nebraska Sports Betting Bill to Increase Its Chances

The legislature added a bill prohibiting state universities from betting Nebraska Sports betting with the hope of ensuring continuity.

On ThursdayThe unicameral legislature passed an amendment banning sports betting in Nebraska on state college teams. The change is on LB 561, an expansive bill that is reshaping Nebraska gambling by creating six casinos on the state’s horse tracks.

Legislators rejected a similar amendment last month when the bill reached its final reading. Since then, the legislature has twice deleted LB 561 from the final vote for certain amendments.

The Nebraska legislature concludes the 10th of June.

Nebraska rushes by two-thirds of the vote

LB 561 finished its first reading in March. 37-5.

Since it was included in final reading for the first time, it has been removed twice for amendments. The first remote protection for keno salons in bars and restaurants.

In Thursday’s amendment, lawmakers passed the ban on betting on state universities as insurance to meet the required goals two-thirds Poll.

Prohibition of college sports betting

In previous discussions of the bill, the Senators discussed the possible negative effects of betting on state teams. Concerns are focused on how fans on a team might get it out when the team makes a decision such as B. not to increase the number of points in order to achieve the distribution of points.

Some other states also prohibit in-state betting, such as Illinois. Opponents of the ban say betting will only continue through illegal offshore books and bookmakers. Avid bettors could also drive across the border to a neighboring state that offers the betting, such as Iowa.

IDEA Growth spoke at a recent hearing suggesting that the Illinois ban be lifted John Pappas said state bans limit a market by up to fifteen%. Some experts even question the legality of such bans in state law.

Redesign of the Nebraska Game

in the November 2020State voters approved an expansion of casino-style gambling at the state’s six commercial horse racing tracks.

Sports betting was not expressly included in the election question.

Legislators have so far included sports betting for retail in the approval of “games of chance”.

High tax on sports betting in Nebraska

The state would levy a 20% Tax on casino revenue, including from retail non-ferrous sports betting. The expansion to mobile devices could significantly increase sports betting revenues.

A legal tax assessment from 17. March Projects that the six casinos could generate $ 245.3 million by doing Fiscal year 2022-23.

That would funnel $ 49.1 million in taxes to the state.

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