When is it time to hire another personal injury attorney?

Not every lawyer is suitable for every client or every situation. If you feel your case is going in a direction you don’t like, find a new lawyer.

Personal injuries are very common in the United States. More than 24 million Americans visit emergency rooms each year for accidental injuries. Victims of such injuries often receive adequate compensation from the person who caused their injury.

If you are one of these people, you likely have a lawyer to represent you or you are trying to find one to do so. Finding the right lawyer could feel like an overwhelming process. Once you find the right lawyer, or one that you see fit for your case, firing them can seem daunting.

However, it is important not to fall victim to the sunk cost mistake and move on with an attorney who is not a good fit for you. The fact that you have started an application process with an attorney does not mean that you have to complete it with them. You can change lawyers at any time. If you are not satisfied with your current representation, you should find a new lawyer who better suits you. Here, a personal injury attorney in Kennewick ponders what signs suggest it is time to hire another personal injury attorney.

Previous discipline by their bar association

If a lawyer is disciplined by his state bar association, it will be noted on his file. You can look up the disciplinary records of all licensed attorneys on the relevant prosecutor’s website. It is always a good idea to look up a prospective attorney’s record before hiring them. However, if you start to believe that something is not overboard with your attorney, look up their records. If they have had discipline or reprimand from their local bar in the past, you may want to move on and seek advice elsewhere.

Bad communication

Your lawyer should always keep you updated. After all, it’s your case, so you deserve to know what’s going on. If your lawyer isn’t keeping you in the loop, or you’re having trouble figuring out where things are in your case, it may be time to find a new lawyer. If you are having trouble finding your lawyer, it may be a sign that you should move on. Any lawyer worth his or her money knows that keeping a client updated on their case details is an essential aspect of the job.

Lack of professional courtesy

Man shouts into the phone; Image by Icons8 Team via Unsplash.com.

While making a personal injury claim, you should feel that you can trust your attorney and that there is mutual respect in the relationship. That is their job. If your lawyer is dismissive, gross, rude, or otherwise unprofessional, they may not suit you. A relationship between lawyer and client requires mutual trust and respect. You should also feel comfortable with your lawyer. If you don’t trust or are unfamiliar with your lawyer, consider hiring someone else.

Consistent negative reviews

In the age of the internet, you can find lawyer reviews in many places. If an attorney has a professional social media page, you might find reviews there. Otherwise, you can find reviews in general search engines like Google. There are also lawyer-specific search engines such as Avvo, Lawyers and Martindale-Hubbell. These websites allow clients to post attorney reviews that will be visible to the public. A bad review may not mean it’s time to find a new lawyer. However, if there is a pattern of bad reviews, you may want to move on. A lawyer’s reaction to negative reviews can also be an indication of how they are working under pressure. If they can’t take feedback, they may not be able to handle pushbacks from opposing attorneys very well, which is not good for your case.

Not every lawyer is suitable for every client or every situation. If you feel your case is going in a direction you don’t like, find a new lawyer. Your legal guardian should always be someone you can trust to do the right thing and look after your interests. Always take care of yourself and don’t ignore those red flags.

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