Why FanDuel Odds Deal with AP is great news for legal US sports betting

FanDuel is the official odds provider of Associated Press ((AP) in a move that might clear some confusion about legal and illegal sports betting.

Under the agreement, FanDuel Sports Betting The odds of winning are shown in AP’s daily game previews, recaps, and game schedules.

The company will also include hyperlinks to the FanDuel homepage, but no specific bets or pages.

No affiliate deal for FanDuel, AP

Axios reported that the deal is structured as a marketing agreement rather than direct payments to affiliates.

The companies also plan to incorporate FanDuel widgets into the sports pages of APNews.com and distribute FanDuel content over the AP cable.

AP retains editorial control of all content.

More demand for betting content

AP said its customers were increasingly asking for this type of information.

“It makes sense to work with one of the largest reputable sports betting companies in the US to provide AP and its customers with a consistent, credible point of reference,” he said Barry Bedlan, AP’s global director for text and new markets products.

Clarity about legal sports betting

In addition to the two companies, the deal could also benefit the broader US sports betting industry. Mainstream media often cite offshore odds in their coverage, including betting on entertainment and politics that would never be posted in a regulated business.

This creates confusion about who is legitimate and who is not. It also gives the appearance that legal books allow you to bet on almost anything that it doesn’t.

More than half of US consumers (55%) who wagered with illegal operators believed they wagered legally, according to recent research by the American Gaming Association.

The AGA said it needed to better inform the media about this issue.

Penn sees similar problems

Operators in the market have raised similar concerns. Penn National CEO Jay Snowden recently said there was still a lot of black market activity in the US.

“It’s not that people want to bet illegally, but a lot of people don’t know,” Snowden said on Penn’s Q1 results. “It is an industry effort to get this general knowledge.”

This new FanDuel / AP deal can only help with that endeavor.

Growing media empire for FanDuel Sportsbook

For FanDuel, the deal expands a media presence that already includes partnerships with:

  • The alarm clock
  • Turner Sports
  • Kenny Smith
  • Charles Barkley
  • Worldwide Wob (Rob Perez)
  • Cousin Sal
  • Pat McAfee

FanDuel CMO Mike Raffensperger Axios said the operator is working to become a media and content company as well as a gaming company.

DraftKings is taking similar steps.

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