Why File a Lawsuit if You Have Been Confronted with Sexual Abuse within the Church?

If you choose to fight sexual abuse in church, many will go the legal route and receive support and justice. Regain your trust and restore your lost faith by standing for yourself.

The Catholic Church has suffered an epidemic of wrongdoing. A study by the University of Chicago found that over 100,000 people have been victims of abuse by Catholic priests. A survey by the Pew Research Center found that approximately 8 out of 10 adults in the United States were exposed to church sexual abuse as children, reflecting a major problem.

Places of worship offer peace and comfort, and when these institutes become polluted with wrong intentions and activities, it is frightening. What to do when a believer falls victim at the hands of the clergy? What to do if you or someone you know has been molested in a church? This article explores the legal options a victim can have.

Define clergy sexual abuse

Any person with religious authority such as a clergyman, priest, pastor or rabbi who sexually exploits a churchgoer is considered to be sexual abuse in the church. It can also be referred to as harassment, which includes unwanted sexual advances such as caressing, inappropriate touching, pornography, nudity, and sexual assault.

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The Effects of Sexual Abuse in the Church

The abuse may have occurred recently or decades ago and the effects are continuous. A victim experiences a variety of emotions, from anger to sadness, fear of speaking out, and finger pointing.

Some of the everyday things survivors shared:

  • Problems in adopting healthy sexual relationships between adults
  • Problems setting limits
  • Fight with self-respect
  • Lost faith and find it hard to believe again

When you are a survivor, pain and discomfort can be buried within you. You may have tried to tell someone but they didn’t believe you or hold you responsible for everything. Chances are, you haven’t spoken to anyone. The effects are traumatic. You can start healing from within by speaking to someone about the incident or by getting professional help from an experienced lawyer. You have to take the first step and your lawyer will take care of the rest.

What to Do If You Are a Church Sexual Abuse?

Anyone who has received unwanted sexual advances is a victim of sexual abuse. You may be a secondary victim and experience the sexual misconduct of the indirect church authority as a spouse, child, or churchgoer. If you want justice, go the legal route.

What To Do Immediately After Sexual Abuse in the Church?

  1. Do not visit the church. Religious leaders could try to dissuade you from seeking police help to save their reputation.
  1. Discuss your plight with a sexual assault attorney. Your attorney will help you understand the situation, offer options for further progress, and explain the processes required for a legal resolution. The first consultation is often free of charge.
  1. It is good to speak to a counselor who can help you get over the situation and get comfortable. Litigation Compensation will help you meet various requirements to handle your case.

Get legal assistance immediately.

If you are a Church abuse survivor you may find it difficult to take a step forward, but that would be the most important thing.

Statistics show that sexual predators don’t have just one victim. Standing up for yourself helps you and also prevents someone else from becoming a victim. It may sound intimidating to go into a lawsuit, but a skilled attorney will make things smooth and convenient for you.

If you choose to fight sexual abuse in church, many will go the legal route and receive support and justice. Regain your trust and restore your lost faith by standing for yourself.

Speaking to a legal professional will provide you with the proper guidance and your attorney will work for you with every positive effort.

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